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The Tricky Job

It’s not often with a heat pump I’ll take more than one visit to solve a problem. Whenever I leave a heat pump after a service or a repair I like to think that I’ve left it in the best shape it can be.

Nothing worse leaving a job and having doubts in your head. Wondering have I fixed it properly? Will I be getting a call tomorrow morning again to say that there is still a problem?.

With unusual problems, new problems or complicated ones! The longer you spend working through the issues, the clearer the murky water becomes. I often thought I’d love have the knowledge of the problem I have when I’m leaving available to me when I arrive. Everything is so clear after the trouble shooting is over.

This job I left not feeling 100% after my first visit. I’d found the problem but wasn’t sure if I’d it fixed it. Then I got a call back to say it wasn’t right. Only after drawing out the wiring in detail and fully understanding the problem off site was I able to return to the job with the existing problem ready to be fully fixed.

Now leaving it I’m positive I have it fixed. It’s onto the next problem..


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