Heat Recovery Ventilation/Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

If you have an older HRV/MVHR system then maybe needs replacing. As with heat pumps, we repair them where possible. However, trying to fix some brands of HRV/MVHR can be very difficult given access to spare parts. Lot of manufacturers have left the Irish Market.

At GreenLight we offer an HRV replacement service along with a fully certified recommissioning.

Using the DUCO MHRV we offer a premium product to renew your home ventilation system.



  • One-stop-shop for your end-to-end ventilation solutionComplete range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), ducts & accessories.
  • →  Smart demand controlThe room is only ventilated when necessary and in the correct amount. CO2 concentration and air humidity are used as indicators. This helps avoiding unnecessary heat loss while guaranteeing an optimal indoor climate.
  •  High energy conversion efficiencyThe combination of dynamic air distribution filters and high performance heat exchangers results in very high efficiency ratios.
  • The quietest systemsA comfortable indoor climate is created by whisper-quiet ventilation systems. DUCO excels in acoustics, especially where it matters most: the living areas and bedrooms.
  • ConnectivityWith the optional Communication Print you have the option of allowing the DUCO ventilation systems to communicate via ModBus and/or ethernet. ModBus integration enables themto be linked to a building management system.
  •   Automatic calibrationThe automatic calibration, whereby the measuring- and adjustment technology is based on the principles of calibration under constant pressure, always offers a 100 % guarantee of a qualitative end result and translates into a50 % saving in set-up time for the installer.