The pump series 2001-A and 2001-B are ideally driven with a drill. The shaft can easily be fixed to the chuck of each regular electric or cordless drill and screwdriver

Wherever liquids need to be pumped, the ZUWA drill pump is an unbeatable tool for craftsmen or service technicians and fi ts into any toolbox. The high-quality stainless steel pump shaft can be clamped in the drill chuck of any standard drill or cordless screwdriver and is thus ready for use in the shortest possible time. By selecting high-quality and robust materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, a wide variety of areas of application are possible. Be it pumping out manholes, emptying used oil canisters or, for example, refi lling solar systems. The fl exible impeller pump is dry self-priming, can pump solids along and is insensitive to air entrapment. It is spacesaving, quick to use and very durable.