Nibe Heat Pump Service

Greenlight Solutions are Nibe heat pump service engineers.

  • At GreenLight Solutions we have been working with Nibe heat pumps for over 10 years. We can commission, service and repair to all models of Niibe Heat Pump. Any problems with Nibe heat pumps you may have then i can solve them for you.

  • Nibe Heat Pump Service Nibe Heat Pump Service and Maintenance

    Like any high cost mechanical device with a high usage it is important that regular service work is carries out on your Nibe heat pump. Regular service work on your heat pump will make sure it always running at it’s peak potential. Unnecessary running costs and high heat pump electric bills call result from a heat pump that is not serviced. A lot of service work on Nibe heat pumps is preventive maintenance. Through years of experience working on Nibe heat pumps Green Light Solutions can prevent common problems before they arise, thus reducing down time.

  • Nibe Heat pump on site training and commissioning

    If you are unfamiliar with how to use your Nibe heat pump, be it a Nibe Fighter 1220. 1240, 1140 etc, Green Light Solutions can train and educate you on all menus and settings of your Nibe heat pump. We can even show you how to carry out regular service checks so you can best maintain your heat pump.

The Nibe Fighter range of heat pumps from the 1120, 1140, 1220, 1240, and up to the current models 1145 & 1245 will keep a running total of the hours the heat pump has run. These will include

  • Hot Water Run Time
  • Number of Starts
  • Number of compressor hours
  • Number of add heat hours (immersion)

From this data, combine with the date of installation, Green Light Solutions can work out your Nibe heat pump running costs to date. If you have high heat pump running costs and high ESB heat pump bills then action can be taken to reduce these costs.

The above data can be very useful too in diagnostics. For example an average home will have a heat pumps that spends 20% of it’s time doing hot water and 80% doing heating. If however a heat pump is running for 50% hot water and 50% heating then there is usually is concrete cause of this poor performance. A heat pump will draw far more amps on a hot water cycle than a heating cycle therefore it is far more expensive to do hot water than heating.

This video shows you how to find the required data from your nibe heat pump. If you wish to contact Green Light Solutions then we can process this data, calculate your Nibe heat pump running costs, suggest changes to settings to decrease heat pump running costs and analyze heat pump performance.

Menu Locations:

1.10 Hot Water Run Time

5.6 Number of Starts

5.9 Number of compressor hours

9.1.3 Number of add heat hours (immersion)