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Heat Pump High Bills

High Electric Bills with Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Running Costs

High Heat Pump running costs

Heat Pump can use only electricity to create heat for both hot water and heating.  The running costs on of a heat pump will vary dramatically from installation to installation. Since only one bill is the norm when people have heat pump. It is often quite hard to determine running costs for heating and hot water, separate to the stand alone electric running costs of a home.

Factors affecting running costs of a heat pump

  • Heat pump make and model (performance varies greatly)
  • Heat Pump installation
  • Heat Pump sizing and commissioning
  • Heat Pump service history
  • Insulation properties of the house
  • Heat Pump controls and setup
  • Heat Pump compressor refrigeration level (not brine)
  • Heat Pump 3 port valve
  • Run time of back up immersion

Steps to reducing heat pump running costs

High Electric Bill Heat Pump

Meter on Heat Pump

  • Re-commissioning of entire system 
  • Increased levels of home insulation
  • Regular service on heat pump
  • Installing dedicated meter on supply to heat pump to monitor running costs
  • Analysis of running costs to date from data taken from heat pump. Nibe Example    Thermia Example 
  • Correction of heat pump controls

The Solution

Green Light Solutions has years of experience of faulting finding and repairs to all makes and models of heat pumps. Through the mistakes of others we have learned the lessons on how each individual system should be correctly set up and configured. Some systems only basic changes, while others require major plumbing and electrical reworks.


Please contact us today to discuss your problem and determine the best solution to your high heat pump bills.

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