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Heat Pump Service FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions that i get asked when it comes to getting your heat pump serviced. Any further questions then please feel free to contact me 


Q. How often should i get my Heat Pump Serviced?

A. heat pump should be serviced every 18 to 24 months 

Q. How long will a heat pump service take?

A. A service will vary in time from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, depending on the level of work required

Q. What are the benefits to having my heat pump serviced?

A. The benefits are many: Increased efficiency, reduced running costs, greater use of night rate electricity and feed back on running costs for the heat pump 

Q. Can i meter how much the heat pump is costing me?

A.Yes you can, by simply fitting a single or dual tariff meter on the live and neutral feed to the heat pump then you can obtain a very accurate reading of the kWh usage of the heat pump. If this is tracked properly then the meter maybe used a indicator of increased heat pump running hours due to faulty heat pump components. 

Q. What are the most common problems on a heat pump?

A.This will depend greatly on the model of heat pump and the original installer. The best heat pump in the world will never run right unless it’s installed and commissioned right. A quality heat pump service will result in the heat pump running as a manufacture would have specified. Often filter valves are not in correctly or not at all, heat pumps wired wrong, circulation pump speeds wrong, too much or too little glycol, faulty 3 port valves, faulty sensors, burnt out compressor connections. Often something simple as having the correct setting will make a significant difference to a heat pump performance.

Q. Do Green Light Solutions install Heat Pumps?

A. No, i only service, repair and carry out maintenance work on Renewable Energies. I can however get you in contact with excellent installers and recommend you suitable renewable solutions for your needs.

Q. My latest electrical bill has been larger than normal for this time of year, do i have a problem?

A. The longer a heat pump is installed, then the more you become accustomed to your  billing from your electricity provider. If receive a bill that has increased significantly over the same period of previous years then you should get your heat pump checked. On average a heat pump will account for 50% of the electrical consumption in a standard domestic house. A common problem across many brands is a passing 3 port diverting valve. I’ve seen this happen in IVT, Thermia, Nibe and many other brands of heat pumps. It would not be an option to not replace this valve if it does fail. Large heat pump running costs and reduced overall hot water and heating performance will result from poor 3 port diverting valves. 

Q. I’ve never been shown how to use the heat pump and i don’t understand how to adjust the heating

A. One of the most important parts of any service is to meet the user and show then in a clear and concise fashion how to operate the heat pump.  Whether you want just the basics or the detailed, in depth information, i’ll be able to provide you with the level of knowledge that you require. 

Q.What happens if my heat pumps has a fault over the weekends, holidays or christmas period?

A. Where possible i will always try to solve your problem and get you out of a fault over the phone. Most heat pumps will have an ‘emergency mode’ or ‘add heat mode’, that will allow the immersion to kick in and provide a level of hot water and some heating to get you by until the heat pump can be repaired. 

Q.Will i ever have to replace the entire heat pump?

A.It’s very rare that an entire heat pump will be replace. All individual components will have a designed working life. Some parts may fail after 3-5 years, some after 10, some even longer than that like the compressor should last 20 years. Only will it is cheaper to put in a newer, improved model of heat pump to replaced a failed model will you ever replace your entire heat pump. 

Any other questions then please feel free to contact me on 0879436794