March 3, 2021

Heat Pump Running Cost

Heat Pump Running Cost

This was an email i sent a client after i service his Thermia Diplomat Heat Pump.

Just to send on as promised a calculation for your running costs to date.

Run time in hours Heat pump hours: 14,456hrs
Add heat 1 hours: 186hrs
Add heat 2 hours: 239hrs

Input in kW
Heat pump: 2.9kW
Add heat 1: 3kWAdd heat 2: 6kW

Total kW/hrs14,456hrs * 2.9kW = 41,922 kW/hrs

s * 3kW = 558 kW/hrs
186hrs * 6kW = 1,434 kW/hrs

Total: 43,914kW/hrs

Now depending on the average that you had be between day and night rate on your bills, I’ll take an average rate of 12 cent per kW/hr. This average may be higher in your case as it wasn’t set up right. Date rate is currently 16 cent and night rate is 8cent.

Total cost 43,914 kW/hrs * €0.12/kWhr = €5,269.

Since your heat pump has ran 12% of it’s time for hot water, 88% of its time

for heating. You have spent roughly €632 on hot water over 6 years. €100 per year. If y


u installed solar then that cost would be €30 per year, saving €70 per year on hot water


When I am in your area again I’ll carry out the remaining reworks.