Heat Pump Commissioning

Building a house with a heat pump or Buying a house with a heat pump?

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Heat Pump Commissioning

Commissioning your Heat pump

Once your heat pump and heating system is specified then installed, you will need to have your system commissioned. I have commissioned hundreds of heat pump installations. Key to a happy customer is a well commissioned heat pump.

The following is carried out on all commissioning

Installation carried out as specified
All electrical and plumbing works inspected
Heating system balanced
Setup and optimisation of heat pump

For all your heat pump, heat recovery requirements contact GreenLight Solutions.

Choosing what type of heat pump when building a home can be very daunting. Choosing what installer can be even more difficult. At GreenLight Solutions we have seen hundreds of installations each year, from the excellent to the poor. We know the market place and it’s installers.

For a technology that is relatively new to the Irish market it’s hard to what system and installer best suits your needs. Most installers and merchants will tell you that their system is the best. Given that there has been many poor heat pump installations there are many horror stories of high running costs but we can assure you that they are many more stories of systems that are running extremely well.

Buying a house with a heat pump can often seem like a leap of faith with an unknown heating system. This does not have to be the case, at GreenLight Solutions we have vast experience of all makes and models of heat pump that have been installed into the Irish market. We’ve seen all the problems and mistakes made by installers and therefore can guide you away from the pitfalls.

We’d strongly advise that any house buyer looking to purchase a house with a heat pump would have the system inspected and tested by heating engineer. Some good advice prior to any purchase can save much time and money.

Buying or renting a house with a heat pump can be a big change from ones previous system. You’ll go from paying more than one utility bill to paying just your electric bill. Often heat pump controls are very different from one previous heating controls.

  • Unfamiliar controls
  • Higher than normal electricity costs
  • Underfloor heating instead of radiators
  • Constant heating instead of timed heating
  • Without setting up your heat pump correctly for heating and hot water then it can result it the system running inefficiently. It’s vital that the people living with the heat pump can control it to match their personal circumstances.