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Name: Pat

Location: Limerick

Heat Pump: Waterkotte 

Waterkotte Geothermal Heat Pump

“I installed a geothermal heating system, coupled with a solar panel system for hot water, in a new build during 2009/2010. I was encountering serious issues with commissioning of this system as sub-contractors and plumbers abdicated responsibility for getting system up and running. My experience was that many plumbers were not entirely comfortable with this technology and their approach ranged from indifference to incompetence. Finally, I was referred to Kevin and I was glad that he was able to pin-point straight away alot of the errors that had been caused, or overlooked, by previous installers and plumbers. I found that Kevin was very up-front regarding pricing and costings of repairs etc. I would have no problem in recommending Kevin as a very worthwhile call if your scenario resembles my own story.”




Name: Damian

Location: Clare

Heat Pump: NIBE 1240, VPAS & Solar

Heat Pump Service and Repair

In 2008 I had a NIBE 1140 Heat pump, Solar Panels and a Dual water tank system installed for underfloor heating in my self-build house. After some initial, minor, adjustments to the heat pump settings my system has been working efficiently and effectively up to a few months ago when I noticed the solar panels not working. Since my initial installer had emigrated I inquired about an installer who could solve my problem and was recommended Kevin by a friend.

Following an initial consultation over the phone with Kevin he decided a call-out was necessary to assess the problem further. From that first contact with Kevin to the last I found he was a good listener and he demonstrated a superb understanding and knowledge of the system and its operation and he explained in detail and in simple language what my problem was. Needless to say he found the cause of my problem and managed to put it right at no extra cost than the initial agreed call-out fee. Kevin also went above and beyond his call of duty by adjusting my heat pump settings to deliver an even more efficient system while carrying out a full maintenance check on all aspects of the system and explaining in detail but yet simple terms what other possible issues I should keep an eye out for. I would have no problem in recommending Kevin to anyone based purely on his excellent customer service and not to forget his knowledge of his specialist area of work.’



Nibe Heat Pump Service Name: Llyod

Location: Clare

Heat Pump: NIBE 1100

“I have used Green Light Solutions on a number of occasions and can recommend them unreservedly. The professional, friendly, timely and cost effective service is outstanding. Kevin is always available and went to great lengths to help us understand the system we had installed and how it works.”


Name: Michael

Location: Loughmore

Nibe Service

Heat Pump: NIBE 1140

“I called Kevin as I was having some minor problems with the operation of my NIBE 1140 heat pump. I expected Kevin to come and fix the problems that I had but I got much more than I had asked for. He explained a lot about the set ups of the heat pump and explained why the previous settings were causing inefficiencies in the system. All the problems that I reported have been resolved and I am confident that the system is working more efficiently than it had been since its first installation”


Name: Liza

Location: Limerick

Heat Pump: NIBE 1240

“I have a Fighter 1240 System, I use Green Light Solutions for all maintanence issues and regular servicing.
At all times I have found Kevin to be a thorough professional. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable in relation to the system and any issues that have arisen. He has been excellent in assisting us in fully understanding the system and how best to operate it.
He is very accessible and accommodating, whether contacted with a query or to organise an appointment and is always prompt and and punctual when attending appointments.
I would recommend Kevin and Green Light Solutions without hesitation.”

Name: Colum 
Location: Cork 
Solar Panels: Flat panels

Our solar panels had been installed for about 4 years.  While they worked OK, they never seemed to work great.  Over the last few weeks they had started getting worse and worse, until eventually, even though we were in the middle of a heatwave, the hot water tank was not heating up.  I called Kevin and he was out to us the next day.  He got the system up and running again in no time.  He also explained exactly what he had done and gave us some tips on what to look out for on the solar system.

After having some dodgy plumbers look at problems previously, it was refreshing to have somebody working on the system that knew what they were doing and wasn’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  I would have no hesitation in calling Kevin again, or recommending him to anybody who is having issues with their systems.

Name: Aidan
Location: Laois
Heat Pump: Nibe 1220

“We moved into a new house last summer which runs a Nibe Fighter 1220. We knew nothing about its operation and two months later it stopped working. We got Green Light Solutions to fix the problem after they were recommended by Unipipe, Dublin. It was very evident from the minute of arrival that Kevin knew his job extremely well. The problem was quickly resolved, the system was set up to run more efficiently (which it hadn’t been doing for the previous 5 years), and Kevin explained its operation in great depth. A full service was also carried out at this time. We were very pleased with the level of support we received and the short time we waited for a callout.  We will use Green Light Solutions for all future servicing/ repairs and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a fast, competent and professional service.”

Name: Maurice 
Location: Kerry 
Heat Pump: Danfoss 

“I called Green Light Solutions as I hadn’t serviced my ‘Danfoss’ heat pump since it was installed in 2009 and a small leak had formed due to a cracked pipe. Kevin is great to deal with, extremely professional, friendly, on time and knows just about all there is to know about heat pumps. Excellent service, the system is working as new.” 

Name: Kevin & Tina  
Location: Cork 
Heat Pump: Nibe 

I contacted Kevin recently after noticing some warning lights on my NIBE heat pump. To Kevin’s credit it was almost 8pm on a Thursday evening when I phoned him but he still took my call. The following morning Kevin was at my house and the problem was diagnosed. The relevant part was ordered and Kevin was back again within 24 hours to fit it……. This was the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend!

I cannot speak highly enough of Kevin’s competence in relation to heat pumps and geo-thermal systems. Kevin explains things in simple, clear, understandable language and gets the job done in an efficient and effective manner. I cannot see myself looking beyond Kevin for any future service or repair requirements and would have no hesitation in recommending him.