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Solar Season

Solar Season – Are your Solar Panels Working? When the sun finally starts to shine in this country, it will let people who have solar panels installed know if their solar is actually working. It’s always hard to tell if your solar is contributing to your... Read More

3 port Valves

All good heat pumps will be able to cover both heating and hot water. A very good heat pump will always allow for hot water priority, meaning when the hot water temperature drops, despite there being a demand for heating, the heat pump will stop heating... Read More

Weather Compensation Controls

This is just a quick rank i had on a forum about weather comp: The advantage of weather compensation over s-plan heating controls (timeclock & thermostat) is that is a predictive control for house temperature instead of a reactive control that will will get... Read More

The Tricky Job

It’s not often with a heat pump I’ll take more than one visit to solve a problem. Whenever I leave a heat pump after a service or a repair I like to think that I’ve left it in the best shape it can be.... Read More

Themia Heat Pump running cost email

Themia Heat Pump running cost email

This was an email i sent a client after i service his Thermia Diplomat Heat Pump.   Just to send on as promised a calculation for your running costs to date. Run time in hours Heat pump hours: 14,456hrs Add heat 1 hours: 186hrs... Read More