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Bosch Worcester Service & Repair


Bosch Worcester (formerly IVT) heat pumps are an extremely common heat pump across Ireland. The Bosch Worchester comes in 2 models, Greenline HT Plus C with the cylinder built into it, and the Greenline HT Plus E with the cylinder sperate. These heat pumps come in 6kw, 7kw, 9kw and 11kw for the single phase models.


A very reliable heat pump with a very good level of control functions, which inclue use of night rate for both heating and hot water. Common alarms on these heat pump include:

  • Motor cut-out compressor (MB1)
  • Motor cut-out HTF (MB2)
  • Compressor temperature (T6 GT6)
  • Low pressure switch (LP)
  • High pressure switch (HP)
  • Electric cassette (EK)
  • High Heat transfer fluid delta (GT8/GT9)

Other issues that can occur with this range of heat pumps is the 3 p0rt diverting valve can pass from the hot water tank to the heating system which can cause over heating and very high bills.