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GreenLight Solutions response to COVID-19

Greenlight Solutions response to  COVID-19.  

13th March 2020

In response to COVID-19 and the Government directive, we at Greenlight Solutions are implementing safety measures and a business continuity plan that will allow us to maintain a basic level of heat pump services to our customers.  

Social distancing and personal hygiene are at the forefront of this government directive, our engineers and our customers will respect this at all times. Our priority is to maintain heating and hot water for the elderly and homes with young families.

The following directives are for all our benefit:

  • Contact made with customers 30 mins before arrival and home access arrangements discussed (customers notified of social distancing guidelines)
  • We only require access to the heating system, to maintain social distancing we ask that customers and engineers limit face to face time, or where possible eliminate it.
  • Engineers will sanitize hands prior to property entry and hands will be washed again on site. Hands to be sanitized again when leaving the site.
  • Social distancing of 2m or more is required if we have to move through the property to access other parts of the heating system.
  • While on site, any customer contact can be made via phone calls, text and video calls etc.

We ask to be notified if customers are any of the following: in self isolation,  in quarantine, with a fever or recently returned from high-risk countries.  

We will maintain our level of high customer service but for now with social distancing, if we can help our customers in any other way prior to arrival then please let us know.

Greenlight Solutions Team


Heat Pump Service & Repairs

We are a heat pump service and repair expert based in Cork. For all your heat pump, heat recovery and underfloor heating requirements contact GreenLight Solutions. We carry out service, repair, upgrades and troubleshooting on your renewable energy products.

We carry out heat pump service and repair works on all main brands of heat pumps including Nibe, Thermia, IVT, Dimplex, Daikin, Danfoss and many more. 


Heat Pump spare parts also available.




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